I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now. I wouldn’t say I didn’t find enough time to do it. It was more of hesitation about what can I write; is there anything that can interest readers? Yeah, I know. These are the most typical fears people have regarding blogging and writing in general. I’m still not over this reluctance, but I’m gonna give it a try anyway. After all, it doesn’t matter. Right?

I’m gonna write some random stuff here about my personal and professional experiences. After every breakthrough in my professional life (no matter how small it was), I always felt an urge to write about it. Now I have a platform to do it, so here come my ramblings.


If you want to start a blog, you can do it for free (except for the domain name; it costs a couple of bucks a year). I’m hosting my blog on Github Pages. You can copy the code of this blog from this repository if you want similar visuals or you can create your own.

I copied the code for my blog from Nikhita’s blog. Do check her blog as well. She has an awesome blog post for creating a blog using Jekyll and Github Pages. Also, do let me know if you find her name anywhere in this blog :grin: (copy/paste always has its perks).

PS: My inspiration for starting a blog is this blog post by Jeff Atwood. I hope I can keep up with continuous haymaking and continuous jabbing.